Buchholzer Grün

The office and residential building is part of the project “Buchholzer Grün" on the former site of the Oststadtkrankenhaus in Hanover – Gross Buchholz. On a total of approx. 70,000 m², apart from the commercial space, there will also be multi-storey buildings and terraced houses.

For the area, both commercial units in the front part of the building facing Podbielskistraße and flats in the rear part of the building are planned.

A public green space will provide a high quality of stay. An outdoor seating is conceivable in this area, whereby the areas on the ground floor also offer gastronomic use.

A total of approx. 600 m² of service or retail space will be available on the ground floor.

In addition, approximately 2,400 office spaces are planned on the upper floors. A division of units is conceivable from a size of about 150 m².


Location: Hannover Buchholz
Status: project development
Land area: approx. 2.737 m²

Living area: approx. 1950 m²
Office space: approx. 2.295 m²
Commercial space: approx. 563 m²
Parkings space: 41
Completion: Q4/2021

picture credits:
Hanseatic Group