Göttingen – Weender Straße | Markt | Gotmarstraße

Göttingen is a university city and has a population of around 120,000. Life in the city is very much shaped by the education and research practised at the University of Göttingen, Lower Saxony‘s oldest and biggest university, and the city‘s two other higher education establishments.

Göttingen offers excellent transport links.

The project design of the Hanseatic Group provides for a redesign of the Carrés Weender Straße, Markt and Gotmarstraße.

In a balanced mix, retail space, office space and living space are to be created. The newly designed areas are carefully integrated into the existing, partly listed, existing stock. This creates a healthy mix of residential and retail space, which harmonises perfectly with the cityscape.


Location: Weender Straße | Markt | Gotmarstraße
Status: project development

Useable area: approx. 21.840 m²
Acquisition: 2018

picture credits:
Kiefer Architekten; Hanseatic Group