Pirna is a large town with a population of 38,000 people and is situated at the upper end of the Dresden Basin. In the north, Pirna borders Saxony‘s capital Dresden, which can be reached via the A17 motorway and the B172. Pirna offers excellent local public transport and regional transport network links.

The economic structure is dominated by healthcare and social facilities, local government offices and manufacturing businesses.

The site is located in a residential area in the town‘s south-west and is surrounded by apartment buildings and allotments.

A primary school and local amenities are a short walk away. The town centre is a straight line distance of around 1.1 kilometres away, the railway station 800 metres. The site offers direct access to public transport links.


Location: Pirna, Max-Schwarze-Straße / Waschhausweg
Status: project development

Land area: approx. 21.528 m²
Planed lettable area: approx. 10.500 m²
Completion: 2021

picture credits:
Wikipedia, Pirna; Wikipedia, 0815ArtDirector