Sylt – Haus Westerland – WYN Hotel

The property “Haus Westerland" is a building constructed around 1900 with currently 72 rooms and 48 parking spaces that was converted into a hotel in 1997.

It offers direct access to the beach, a swimming pool with sea views, a spa area, a restaurant etc., and is situated in a prime location. The entire grounds extend over approx. 3,500 square metres.

House Westerland has been extensively renovated and redesigned. 28 exclusive rooms and apartments have been added in a completely new part of the building. Between the complexes there is a direct, glassy connection.

In addition, the hotel’s underground car park has been expanded. The exclusive swimming pool on the 6th floor of the hotel – with a fulminating sea view – has been supplemented with a top rooftop bar.

The house under its new name WYN Hotel opened its doors in the spring of 2019 in radiant splendor.


Location: Westerland, Sylt
Status: portfolio object + project development
Area: 72 rooms + 28 in development

Parking spaces: 55
Land area: approx. 3.500 m²

picture credits:
Mannewitz; Hanseatic Group