The property is located in the Rheingau district of Wiesbaden, a lively, urban district near to the city center and the spa gardens, which are within walking distance.

This area offers a peaceful and pleasant residential feeling with the green backdrop of the Wellritztal. The district’s prime location accentuates the short distance to the Europaviertel, situated south of Karlsbader Platz, which combines freehold properties, adminitrative buildings and educational institutes.

The large 13,202 sqm plot provides total residential space of approx. 13,500 sqm with approx. 170 residential units. The ground floor is developed with retail areas  (approx. 5,300 sqm).


Location: Wiesbaden
Status: completed
Land area: approx. 13.202 m²

Lettable area: approx. 13.500 m²
Residential units: approx. 170
Retail: approx. 5.300 m², Edeka

picture credits:
Hanseatic Group