Project Development

Property concept, acquisition and a comprehensive analysis of all site factors are the basic steps in the Hanseatic process of project development.

Asset & Property Managment

For the Hanseatic Group, Asset and Property Management means the professional 360° management of properties.

Real Estate Investments

Properties are always in demand among investors. The Hanseatic Group offers tailored plans for both institutional and private investors.

Workout Projects

For banks, insurance companies and insolvency administrators, value can be preserved by tranferring properties of non-performing loans or with marketing difficulties to experts.

Funds & Private Equity

Private Equity is the investment with equity capital of institutional investors and private individuals. Revenue is typically generated through an increase in the value of the holding until the resale of the property.


Under the name IMMOLAB®, the Hanseatic Group has established an innovation network which, like a future workshop combined with a research facility, develops future concepts for successful real estate projects through to market maturity.

Real Estate Projects

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