Student housing

ApartMe. Habitation as trademark – for students.

There is no doubt about it: The demand for affordable, target-group appropriate housing for students is growing far more quickly than the supply.

On the other hand: Many young people feel like they are in a “value vacuum". They ask the question of meaning more and more frequently, and look for the values they can base their lives on. Studying is a very important step here. But not only that. Also the way of housing, living together during the study period, is of great importance for students.

The Hanseatic Group stands with its good name for innovative concepts in the area of student housing. We do not only analyze and exactly know the needs of the students, we also take them seriously and implement them.

From project idea to marketing, we develop student properties as a brand young people can identify themselves with in an international context of values and experiences – for example, ApartMe.