Sustainability is our vision.

”Real estate, building culture and sustainability have a lot in common. Most of all, the characteristic of their inflationary use“, explains Professor Michael Braum, chairman of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur (Federal Foundation for Building Culture). As a conscientious real estate company, we meet the challenges resulting from the issues innovation, sustainability and social responsibility ”…since properties that were not built and developed sustainably will not be salable in the future“, Christian Beilicke, CEO Hanseatic Group, says.


What is our service commitment, our mission statement on this issue?

On the one hand, we do not want to just add our own principles to the already existing, countless qualified contributions on the issue of sustainability in real estate. Rather, we are concerned with the practical implementation of sustainability for the entire life cycle of the real estate in which we engage as partners.

Thus, the vision of the Hanseatic Group is to provide our expertise in all business segments to enable economic, ecological and social sustainability in real estate. To this end, we define sustainability as a system of values that serve to balance requirements and support the achievement of objectives in terms of economics, like value preservation, appreciation, sufficient yield on investment, as well as environmental and resource conservation, like saving energy, generating energy, exemplary recycling of materials, and social aspects, by means of affordable solutions for all target group-oriented living, shopping and vacation options.

We know,

that future challenges in sustainable real estate will have no shortage of demanding plans and designs. What is often lacking is a solid definition of what is feasible.

We provide in our expertise and our capacity for innovation – and above all a solid feasibility assessment – in the service of implementing sustainable real estate concepts.

„As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


Social Commitment

Making the world a bit better.

Maren is five years old, she is suffering from leukemia. David, who just turned nine, is fighting against a glioblastoma. Maria, three years old, was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma. Julia has a Burkitt‘s lymphoma, she is seven years old.

Diseases, words which we have never heard of before. To which we can neither measure content nor grasp their meaning. In science, there are many terms for this, the term „cancer“ is the most common. With all its consequences. And it stands for long, painful therapies, chemotherapy, radiation, countless drugs, sometimes one surgery, sometimes several. Frequently foreclosure and isolation, since the disease weakens the immune system.

For the small patients, but also for their families, such a disease means a great strain, which almost without exception and in the truest sense of the words takes it out of them. Their lives are turned upside down in an unimaginable way, from one minute to the next.

„We cannot help alleviate the children’s pain or relieve their parents‘ sorrow, and unfortunately, we cannot make anybody healthy. But we can make everyday difficulties easier to cope with, and we want to help and support families and their small patients. That is why we dedicate ourselves to the association for children with cancer (Verein für krebskranke Kinder e.V.) in Hanover. This is our contribution to making the world a bit better”, Christian Beilicke, CEO of the Hanseatic Group, says.

In the Hanseatic Group, social responsibility is a core element of the corporate philosophy and likewise an actively lived part of our corporate culture.

Sustainability and social responsibility are our mission.

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