Retail, Commercial & Office Properties

Retail Properties – in the conflict of interests between Investors, cummunities and users.

In the conflict of interests between investors, communities, and users, the partners of the Hanseatic Group rely on more than 20 years of experience from more than 300 successful real estate projects.

Commercial property is an increasingly demanded investment site for investors. On the other hand, the commercial real estate market segment is characterized by intense competition. This means that better concepts displace the less optimal concepts and better locations replace the less optimal locations. The need to base decisions on analysis, knowledge, experience and on an excellent partner network is constantly growing.

That is why you should talk with us when it comes to commercial real estate.

Commercial & office properties – strategy is everything.

The Hanseatic Group develops and rents top quality commercial properties that serve commercial, self-employed or feelance purposes. Our properties are strategically located and are based on sophisticated integrated concepts. They are positioned in regions with a large range of qualified employees and an optimal connection to transport infrastructure. With its international network, the Hanseatic Group is active in Germany and Europe.

What can we offer you? How can we support you?